About Us

DAV Centenary Public School, Ukkunagaram is a co-educational, English Medium day school. It was inaugurated on the auspicious day of 15th August 1985 by Dr.Ahuja, Chairman-cum-Manager Director, Visakhapatnam Steel Project based on the agreement between VSP Management and the illustrious D.A.V. Managing Committee, New Delhi. D.A.V.CMC is the largest Non Govt. organization in the field of education, running over six hundred schools and colleges all over India. The school has been raised to 10 + 2 level and is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Affiliation No. 130048.



Size of the Library is 95 Sq.M. Number of Periodicals are ten. Number of Dailies are 5 ,No of Magazine are 5 and No of Total Books are 5450.


Fully equipped laboratories for Math and all branches of Science viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science


A large play ground with experienced Physical Training Instructors to give Coaching for Games & Sports .


Our Aims and Objectives : Started in the D.A.V. Centenary year, the school aims at providing liberal education and at developing the all round personality of the child so as to enable him or her to achieve excellence in all walks of life, academic, moral and cultural.
This is done under the guidance of qualified and dedicated teachers who lend a helping hand to students to cultivate the art of public speaking, acquire manners and etiquette as demanded of them in a civilized society and instills in them social awareness of problems be-setting our country and the right approach to overcome them.


" Let noble thoughts come to us from every side ". To instill moral values in the students , each working day in the school starts with a morning assembly with recitation of Veda mantras , devotional and patriotic songs and quotations . Stress is laid on the universal aspects and eternal values of Indian culture . The academic and co-curricular activities go a long way in building up an atmosphere in which young minds get unconsciously Exposed to the time honoured and universal values of life . Short talks are given by students on a variety of subjects such as good manners, hygiene and important events of day to day life , besides references from the lives of great men.


The Students have been grouped into four houses. All activities in games and sports and co-curriculum activities such as Badminton, Cricket, Foot-Ball, Throw Ball, Kho-Kho, athletics etc. and debate skits, elocution, recitation in English, Hindi and Telugu, Song Competition in English, Hindi and Telugu, Dance, Skit and Many more Competitions etc., are organized on competitive basis among the houses.


8.35 am to 3.15 pm., on the last working of every Month the school functions up to 12.20 p.m.


Qtr. Months Paid Dates
1 April, May & June 6th April to 20th May
2 July, August & September 6th July to 20th August
3 October, November & December 6th October to 20th November
4 January, February & March 6th January to 20th February